About Us

Creating sustainable and comprehensive
innovations for livestock and pets

Creating sustainable and comprehensive
innovations for livestock and pets



1. To be an organization of learning and innovation in the livestock and pet industry.

2. To be an innovative organization recognized domestically and internationally for medical. supplies, supplementary foods, food additives, and raw materials among livestock and pet fields.


1. To be a research and development driven organization and to create valuable and useful innovations.

2. To build a learning culture for a qualified organization.

3. To develop, research, innovate technology in manufacturing for best quality products and customer needs.

4. To develop an organization to be a sustainable growth company.


1. To adopt “Corporate governance’s principles” as a management principle.

2. To establish useful and worthwhile products and services.

3. To be a learning organization which will develop into an internationally recognized organization.

4. To be an organization that develops towards sustainable growth which is of value to society, environment and country.

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